Starbucks Menu Price List (Malaysia)

Here are the Starbucks menu prices Malaysia. You can check all the categories of the menu. We have also included the Starbucks Malaysia menu summary for your convenience.

Starbucks Price Menu Malaysia 

Special Bundle Deals
Color Changing Reusable Cup + Brown Sugar Cocoa Oatmilk Coffee FrappuccinoRM93.75
Faceted Gradient Blue Tumbler + Brown Sugar Cocoa Oatmilk Coffee FrappuccinoRM203.75
Siren in Coral Sea Tumbler + Brown Sugar Cocoa Oatmilk Coffee FrappuccinoRM199.04
Dreamy Coral Tumbler + Brown Sugar Cocoa Oatmilk Coffee FrappuccinoRM115.75
Starbucks Anniversary Blend + Brown Sugar Cocoa Oatmilk Coffee FrappuccinoRM80.33
Starbucks Autumn Blend + Brown Sugar Cocoa Oatmilk Coffee FrappuccinoRM80.33
Starbucks VIA Anniversary Blend + Brown Sugar CocoaOatmilk Coffee FrappuccinoRM73.07
Espresso & Coffee
Doubleshot Iced Shaken EspressoRM14.84
Ready to Drink
Rauch Apple Juice 200mlRM11.13
Rauch Cranberry Juice 200mlRM11.13
Rauch Multivitamin Juice 200mlRM11.13
Rauch Orange Juice 200mlRM11.13
Manuka LemonRM16.96
Manuka Lemon 350mlRM16.96
Manuka Pomegranate and HibiscusRM16.96
Manuka Pomegranate and Hibiscus 350mlRM16.96
Manuka ChrysanthemumRM16.96
Manuka Chrysanthemum 350mlRM16.96
Joybean Red DatesRM7.95
Joybean Red Dates 320mlRM7.95
Joybean OriginalRM7.42
Joybean CollagenRM7.42
Joybean Black Soy + CharcoalRM7.42
Breakfast Sandwiches
Dato Fazley’s Pau Sambal MalaysiaRM13.98
Dato Fazley’s Croissant Roti JohnRM13.98
Wholemeal Tuna Finger SandwichRM8.34
Breakfast Focaccia SandwichRM10.98
Croque MonsieurRM12.38
Croissant Sandwich – Chicken Loaf, Egg and CheeseRM11.04
Chicken Patty and Spinach SandwichRM11.98
Sausage with Caramelized Onion SandwichRM9.06
Eh-Nak! Makan
Dato Fazley’s Ayam Percik LinguineRM21.95
Lunch Pie
Butter Chicken PieRM18.27
Lunch Sandwich
Baked Chicken Teriyaki SandwichRM13.46
Banh Mi Roast ChickenRM18.27
Creamy Crock Pot Chicken CiabattaRM14.98
Donut DuoRM10.00
Trio MuffinRM25.00
Banana Chocolate MuffinRM10.27
Chocolate Lava MuffinRM10.27
Skinny Blueberry MuffinRM10.27
Cranberry SconeRM7.98
Jumbo CroissantRM6.65
Chocolate RollRM8.65
Mini Cocktail Sausages with Nacho Cheese SauceRM7.98
Ozzie Sausage Mushroom RollRM9.38
Chicken LasagnaRM19.38
Black Pepper Lamb PieRM12.58
Chic O CheeseRM10.64
Beef Ragu PieRM12.58
Oriental Chicken PuffRM6.87
Thai Basil Chicken DanishRM9.39
Baked Mac and CheeseRM19.38
Curry Puff with Potato and EggRM6.68
Plant-Based Treats
Beyond Meat Spiral Curry PuffRM13.58
Dato Fazley’s Kuih Bakar Burnt CheesecakeRM19.58
Double FromageRM13.98
Chocolate LavaRM11.98
Macaron – Chocolate, Vanilla and StrawberryRM19.58
Absolute Coffee CakeRM17.98
Red VelvetRM17.94
Hanjuku CheesecakeRM13.98
Berry-licious CheesecakeRM16.98
Heavenly Caramel CheesecakeRM16.98
Triple Chocolate CheesecakeRM16.98
Choco-Choco BrownieRM13.98
Chocolate Tuxedo TrufflesRM17.94

Starbucks Malaysia Menu Highlights and Categories

Starbucks Malaysia Menu Summary: Starbucks Malaysia offers a diverse menu that caters to local tastes while retaining its international charm. It provides customers with an array of choices, including special bundle deals with reusable cups and tumblers, a variety of espresso and coffee options, ready-to-drink beverages, and a selection of breakfast sandwiches. The menu also includes bakery items, savory dishes, plant-based treats, and an array of mouth-watering cakes. In addition, Starbucks Malaysia has introduced unique items, such as Dato Fazley’s Kuih Bakar Burnt Cheesecake and Ayam Percik Linguine, reflecting the rich local cuisine.

Starbucks Malaysia Breakfast Menu

The breakfast menu at Starbucks Malaysia includes a variety of sandwiches, like Dato Fazley’s Pau Sambal Malaysia and Croissant Roti John, Wholemeal Tuna Finger Sandwich, and Breakfast Focaccia Sandwich. It also offers Croque Monsieur and Croissant Sandwich with Chicken Loaf, Egg, and Cheese, catering to various preferences.

Starbucks Malaysia Drinks Menu

Starbucks Malaysia offers a wide range of beverages including Doubleshot Iced Shaken Espresso, Rauch juices in different flavors, and Manuka juices with various infusions. The menu also includes Joybean drinks in original, red dates, collagen, and black soy + charcoal flavors, catering to different taste preferences.

Starbucks Malaysia Frappe Menu

Although the specific frappe menu is not provided, the Brown Sugar Cocoa Oatmilk Coffee Frappuccino stands out as a highlighted item on the menu. This frappe, which can be paired with various bundle deals, reflects Starbucks’ commitment to offering innovative, delicious, and refreshing beverages.


Q1. How much is a caramel frappuccino at Starbucks Malaysia?

The caramel frappuccino price isn’t listed in the provided menu.

Q2. How much is a venti at Starbucks Malaysia?

The price for a venti size isn’t specified in the provided menu.

Q3. What are the sizes at Starbucks Malaysia?

Starbucks typically offers three sizes globally: Tall, Grande, and Venti.

Q4. How much are cake pops at Starbucks Malaysia?

The price of cake pops isn’t listed in the provided menu.

Q5. How much are Starbucks drinks?

The prices of Starbucks drinks in Malaysia range from RM7.42 for Joybean Original to RM203.75 for special bundle deals.

Q6. How much is Starbucks coffee?

The price for Doubleshot Iced Shaken Espresso, a coffee option, is RM14.84.

Q7. Starbucks frappuccino price?

The price for a Brown Sugar Cocoa Oatmilk Coffee Frappuccino isn’t specified without a bundle deal in the provided menu.

Q8. Starbucks sandwich prices?

Starbucks sandwich prices in Malaysia range from RM8.34 for Wholemeal Tuna Finger Sandwich to RM21.95 for Dato Fazley’s Ayam Percik Linguine.

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